Does Collision Coverage Cover Bumper Repair?
March 2, 2020

Does Collision Coverage Cover Bumper Repair?

Car crashBumper damage is one of the most common car repairs and it can be deceptively costly. The type of auto insurance you have and the way in which the damage happened will have a lot to do with whether or not your claim will be covered. While some bumper damage could be bad enough to risk the integrity of the bumper or impact driving ability, many are more minor dents and scratches. The amount of damage could give you something to think about when trying to figure out if and how you should get the bumper repaired.

The following questions can help you figure out if your bumper repair is covered or not:

Was the damage caused intentionally or by accident?

Insurance will only cover accidental damage. Any damage that was caused intentionally you will have to pay for out of pocket or have it paid by another party if someone else was responsible for the damage. So if you get mad and kick your bumper, that dent is on you.

Who Caused The Damage?

You’ll use your own insurance if you caused the damage but if someone else hit your car then their insurance will hopefully pay for damages. In many states, who caused the damage is an important question. Some states do have no-fault accident laws though. State laws and your insurance company’s policies will help determine who is liable to pay for damages in different types of accidents.

What Caused The Damage?

Was your bumper damage caused by an accident, animals, or the weather? Hail damage and collision damage would be covered in different ways by different types of policies. When filing a claim one of the main questions you will get asked upfront is what happened to cause the damage.

What Type Of Policy Do You Have?

If you only have liability coverage and you run your car into a tree, damaging the bumper, then the repairs would not be covered by insurance. If you want to make sure your bumper is protected in any event then you’ll need collision and full coverage. Do not assume that just because you have the state required insurance that all types of damage are covered. Many forms of damage are not covered with liability insurance alone. That includes weather-related damage, theft, and damage from accidents you caused yourself.

Is The Damage Worth Getting Repaired?

Some types of damage are very minor and while they might be annoying, they could cost more to fix than they are worth. Small nicks and scratches might be able to slide, especially if they aren’t bad enough to risk rust damage. If you have a high deductible it might not even be worth filing a claim. You can get minor repairs paid out of picket or simply choose not to fix them. Some insurance companies might have deals with local auto repair shops to get you a discounted rate for out of pocket repairs so check with your individual company or auto insurance broker.

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