Does Homeowners insurance cover identity theft or fraud?
April 9, 2024

Does Homeowners insurance cover identity theft or fraud?

Identity Theft and Fraud are unfortunately becoming more and more common and causing a lot of issues with people.  More than 15.4 million people a year will experience identity theft, with an average loss of $1,038 per victim. With everything being digital now days, scammers use  email hacking, social media smears, phishing attacks and data breaches as ways to scam people.

Adding Identity Theft coverage is an optional coverage and adding it to your insurance is very inexpensive to have that extra protection of coverage. You can always call your local Agent to ask what the cost would be to add that to your Homeowners Insurance policy.

Ways to reduce your risk of Identity Theft:
*Check your credit at least twice a year.
* Monitor your Credit. You can sign up with a credit monitoring service that will alert you to new or strange activity.

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