Bundling Homeowners and Car Insurance
March 26, 2024

Bundling Homeowners and Car Insurance

This is the best way to receive more discounts on your Insurance. Insurance Companies vary on how much of a discount they offer, but it always makes the most sense to bundle your Auto & Home Insurance. Another name for this would be a “multi policy discount”.

Bundle is a combination of policies like Auto, Home, Renters etc. that you buy from the same Insurer. Auto & Home Insurance are the most common to bundle. There are other Advantages to this other than just saving money, for example the simplicity of having both Insurance Policies with the same carrier. Most companies have App’s that allow the customer to have access to their policy, so with the App you can have access to file claims, check billing etc. for both home & auto in one place.

You can reach out to an Agent today to get a quote to see what bundling your Insurance can save you!

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