4 Tips For Buying Your First Car In Tulsa
March 9, 2019

4 Tips For Buying Your First Car In Tulsa

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Many young people start off driving a shared family car or a car their parents purchase for them. Eventually as a young adult it comes time to buy your own car for the very first time. This is a large purchase and one that should not be made lightly. There are so many things to consider that it can seem overwhelming at first. These tips will help you break down the process.

Tip #1. Start With Your Budget
Before you look at a single car, you need to figure out your budget. Your budget should include not only the estimated monthly payment but also the down payment, any licensing fees, sales tax and increase in auto insurance. Owning a car is expensive! Start with your monthly income and work your way backwards from there. It helps if you know all of your living expenses.

Tip #2. Make A Wants And Needs List
Please consider buying a used car for your first time. New cars depreciate in value so fast that you are quickly upside down in value if you are getting a loan. Once you have decided to purchase new or used, make a list of your absolute needs. For example, if you have a long work commute then good gas mileage will be critical. You can also include “wants” on your list like type of interior, color, sound system, etc.

Tip #3. Research Everything And Test Drive
These days it’s easiest to start your research online. There are many car dealerships to choose from and there are even websites and apps that can help you search for used cars in your area. Also research what car makes and models you like best, making note of important factors like gas mileage and safety ratings. Once you have found a great car, test drive it before making a final decision. This is the fun part! You can test drive as many cars as you want, take your time and select the best car for you.

Tip #4. Update Your Auto Insurance Policy
Once you have purchased your vehicle, don’t forget to call your Tulsa insurance agent and update your policy right away to cover your new car. If you feel like you could be getting a better deal on car insurance please don’t hesitate to call us at (918) 665-7400 so that an experienced independent insurance agent can help you get the best deal on auto insurance.

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