Ways to Lower your Auto Insurance
November 5, 2018

Ways to Lower your Auto Insurance

Dropping coins in a piggy bankThere are many ways to save on auto insurance policies. Here are a few things that people should consider when starting a new policy or even on their current policy:

  • Before buying a car, compare what the cost would be for each. Premiums are based off  the value of the vehicle, the price to repair it and how likely it is to be stolen.
  • Raising the deductible is another way to save. This is something you want to do if you have the money saved and set aside to use in case you did have a claim. 
  • Other ways you can save on your auto insurance is by bundling your home insurance with the auto policy. Certain companies you can save up to 30% by bundling the two. It is also more convenient to have both policies with the same company.
  • It’s always good to mention to your agent if you do not put many miles on your vehicle. That can give you a low mileage discount which can help decrease the price as well.

There are many ways to save so it’s always good to talk with your agent and see what discounts might be available to you. 

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