Understanding Auto Insurance Declaration Pages
May 24, 2020

Understanding Auto Insurance Declaration Pages

auto_insuranceWhen you sign up for auto insurance you have likely first comparison shopped on the major points like monthly premium, deductible, and discounts offered, but there is actually a whole lot more fine print to a policy. All the details are covered in the declarations page which many people don’t read in its entirety. You might want to pay attention though because without reading it you don’t have a full understanding of what your protections are.


Auto insurance companies in Claremore, Oklahoma, and just about everywhere else are required to give you a document that outlines your coverage with things like the drivers and vehicles that are covered, your premiums and discounts, and what’s actually covered under the policy as far as accidents and damages go. It’s your responsibility to read the declarations page and understand it.


How To Find Your Declaration Page

When you start your policy you will probably get a paper copy right away or in the mail, but if you lose that copy you can get another anytime online. You’ll have an account you can log into

where you can print a new copy of your declaration page anytime. If all else fails, contact your insurance provider or broker and they can help you.


What Information Can You Expect To Find On Your Declaration Page?

If you ever have a question about your auto insurance policy, this is the place to find the answers. It really breaks everything down for you, including:

● Policy number and effective dates

● Insured driver information

● Insured vehicle information (if you buy a new vehicle make sure to notify your auto insurance company immediately so that the new car is covered)

● Monthly or annual premium

● Your deductible (the amount you pay out of pocket for services before insurance kicks in)

● Coverages under your policy (liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, rental, roadside assist and more)

● Discounts you may have (discounts reduce the cost of your premiums so make sure to take advantage of them)

● Your personal driving history (keep track of any accidents or traffic violations that have been reported, as they fall off your record you could get better rates)

● Current and anticipated mileage

● Riders or amendment (any additional coverage is mentioned here, for example, if you just installed expensive new speakers you can take out extra insurance on them)


Uses For Your Auto Insurance Declaration Page

First of all, you’ll want to read your declaration page when you first sign up to make sure you fully understand your policy and are aware of all the coverage rules. Then, you’ll want to keep a copy handy because you’ll need it if you’re buying a new car. You can also use the declaration page to help you comparison shop, which you should do at least every six months. You can compare the coverage and rates you have currently to the ones being offered by other competitors to make sure you have the best deal.

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