Six Must Have Apps for Your Car
March 23, 2022

Six Must Have Apps for Your Car

Car manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to differentiate themselves from the competition in order to create a model that will pique the interest of consumers. You could keep something ‘strange’ in your pocket. Smartphones are now an indispensable component of our daily lives, not only for communication. Your phone may soon become the ideal driving partner with the appropriate apps, whether for business or pleasure.

Many people are unaware that there are several applications available to make your life and the life of your automobile much easier. There are plenty of applications that you probably didn’t know about of them, from apps that alert you whenever your vehicle needs to be serviced to apps that can start your automobile. The amount of Android Auto-compatible applications is limited, but you have options within the three primary categories: messaging, navigation, and multimedia.

Emerging technologies for automotive app development, on the other hand, have empowered designers to create solutions that directly support car maintenance. According to experts, most new automobiles built nowadays link to numerous mobile devices to some extent. Furthermore, 77% of individuals already own cell phones. There’s reason to anticipate that proportion will climb more as more individuals use the technology.

That implies there’s a sizable market for car diagnostic software or other maintenance-focused solutions that work with operating systems like iOS and Android. Users may utilize car maintenance applications to check the general condition of their automobiles. Such car enhancement applications are already available on the market. Again, because of IoT and Smartphone usage patterns, they can now provide services beyond simple navigation.

That you don’t want to make your life more difficult? These are the finest apps for Android Auto. You won’t need much else behind the wheel with this set.

The Mobile as an Extension of the Vehicle


Therefore, it is no longer surprising to observe how numerous automobile manufacturers have a mobile application – virtually all of which are free and accessible for Android or iOS phones – that they give owners of their brand’s vehicles for various functions. We may discover anything from information on the status of various car components to door and window opening controls and navigating via manufacturer services to organize revisions and learn about their offers and promotions in these applications. This is an example of ‘Volkswagen Car-Net,’  ‘MyKia, “miSuzuki,’ ‘MyPeugeot,’ ‘Volvo On Call,” SkodaConnect,’ and so on.

Do you want to discover if your automobile has an app that allows you to operate it? The easiest technique is to go to one of the two big app stores – Google Play for Android phones and App Store for ‘Apple’ mobiles – and search for your brand’s name followed by the term ‘app.’ Brands understand the significance of our smartphones in our everyday lives, and they want the automobile to be a part of it even when we are not using it. As a result, connectivity choices are increasing in a growing number of devices, not only the high-end ones.

Each brand that provides the option of connecting the car to the smartphone generally calls it in various ways; however, many share several of the qualities. Among these qualities are the following:

·       Vehicle Status: Depending on the number of sensors in the automobile and the information they convey, the user can acquire helpful information for car maintenance. Tire pressure, coolant, windshield washer fluid, and fuel level are just a few of the possibilities accessible.

·       Location And Control: We may also learn the car’s position, the pace at which it is driving, and even whether the vehicle departs a previously defined region, as if it were a parental control, through these applications. Furthermore, some programs let you open and lock doors, windows, and the trunk.

  • Assistance services: Roadside help is one of the most commonly utilized features. The application makes these activities simple whether the vehicle senses a collision or we need to dial an emergency number.

Are These Apps Safe?


With all of this connection, it is natural to wonder if there is a basic level of security that ensures our data and unwanted access to the car are secured. However, this is not always the situation, and the addition of these mobile applications has merely enlarged the attack surface.

We must keep in mind that when we use a smartphone to operate some components of our vehicle, we place the vehicle’s security on par with the security that we have installed in the device. If you haven’t heard, mobile device security leaves a lot to be desired, particularly with the Android system.

The Following Are the Useful App for Your Car


Connecting the phone to the automobile implies boosting the vehicle’s capabilities in areas such as navigation, audio playing, and messaging. Of course, security is vital since any distraction when using the phone may be disastrous; hence, systems like Android Auto are intended to execute programs while minimizing distractions as much as possible. Let’s have a look at which are the most highly suggested.

  1. CARFAX Car Care: When last did you change your car oil or your tires rotated? Can you recall the last time your truck received a cross inspection? Are you aware of how long your registration is good for? The powerful CARFAX Car Care app can help you keep track of these things — and, in the end, save you money on car repairs. The app has a dashboard that displays the status of your vehicle’s required service milestones. It also keeps a complete service history and lets you search for nearby repair businesses.
  2. ParKing: Parking is another parking-related app, but it’s meant to assist you in finding your way back to your car when it’s time to go. ParKing is better than the competition because it features wearable connectivity, so if you have a wristwatch, you can register your parking place and find your way back without having to take out your phone. It’s really simple to use, and if you have a Bluetooth device in your car, you can even set it up to automatically track your parking spot.
  3. GasBuddy : We’re all aware that there are things you can do to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. And what if you could combine it with a lower cost per gallon at the pump? Enter GasBuddy, an app that allows you to locate the best gas prices in your region. It examines the price of petrol at stations near your location, whether you’re in your hometown or driving two states away. As a result, you’ll always be able to find the most incredible deals.
  4. Waze: Beginning with navigation apps, Waze should be installed on your smartphone. It provides up-to-date traffic information as well as suggested routes for your travel. It also includes up-to-date gas prices in case you need to stop for petrol on your route to your destination. Furthermore, it is supported with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-equipped headsets, making it considerably easier to use the program.
  5. PlugShare: Owners of electric vehicles, rejoice! You won’t be complaining about getting stuck on your next vacation if you use the PlugShare app. The app assists you in locating appropriate charging stations in your neighborhood, providing you with much-needed peace of mind while driving. It also includes capabilities such as navigation to the nearest charger and the ability to pay for your charge from your phone (where applicable).
  6.  Spotify: This is really a must-have app for those of you who wish to listen to your own music on the go. Spotify gives you access to a superb collection of over 30 million songs on Android and iOS devices. Subscribers on a free plan can shuffle playlists or albums, but they can only skip a set number of tracks each day. This will enable you to like and download your favorite songs for offline listening, as well as additional customization features such as creating your own playlists.



We now have mobile applications in practically every aspect of our life, including driving. The capabilities incorporated into today’s mobile phones, whether on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, can help us be more efficient, economical, and safe drivers. We’ve included some of the applications we think are crucial for every digital-age driver below. Some are directly connected to our vehicle, while others measure usage and indicate driving vices, while yet others provide information on supply points and traffic congestion. They all seem to have a common thing, that is: they make our lives so much simpler.

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