Mobile Apps Bring Insurance Companies Into The Digital Age
September 9, 2019

Mobile Apps Bring Insurance Companies Into The Digital Age

woman on cellphoneConsumer demand is increasingly centered on the ease and convenience of using smartphones
for as many activities as possible. From ordering groceries to tracking finances, mobile apps
gives us an easy way to connect with the companies that provide us with products and services.
Almost all car insurance companies have one or more apps that will help you with all your
insurance and car related needs.

Common Car Insurance App Features To Make Life Easier

Most car insurance companies will have an app that allows you to 24/7 access to do many
features yourself or with chat-assisted customer service reps. Here are some of the common
features of these apps:

  • Make a payment – easily authorize a payment to your insurance company using your phone.
  • Quick Policy Changes – add or update policies with a few taps.
  • Print Forms – quickly and easily print forms for claims or proof of insurance.
  • Proof Of Insurance – access to your card digitally, never get stuck without your card again.
  • File A Claim – easily file a claim and use photos or videos for supporting evidence.
  • Customer Service – chat with customer service, never have to wait on hold again!

Innovative Car Insurance Apps For A Digital World

These features are great and will make dealing with your insurance company easier than ever.
But some companies have gone above and beyond with innovations that will help you be a
better driver overall. Here are just a few of the cool new apps from some of the top national
insurance chains.

Esurance Fuelcaster – Easily figure out the best place to buy gas on the way home, predicts
coming changes to gas prices in your area.

State Farm Driver Feedback – Using technology your phone already possesses, this app monitors
accelerating, decelerating and swerving while you drive. This helps you drive safer and can
lower your insurance premiums over time.

Allstate Drivewise – The Drivewise app tracks your driving behavior and rewards you for being
responsible while on the road; it even offers tips on how you can improve. You can earn lower
rates or cash back rewards for using the app and driving safe.

State Farm Car Capture – Looking for a new car? Snap a pic when you see something you like to
get more information instantly!

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