Just bought a home? Next steps on getting Home Insurance
May 6, 2024

Just bought a home? Next steps on getting Home Insurance

Did you just buy a home and need to know what your next steps are in getting Homeowners Insurance? Read below on what to do.

The first thing after you are under contract on a new home purchase is to start calling to get Home Insurance quotes. Most people go to Google and search for local Home Insurance Agents in their area or even asking friends/ family who they use and then calling in to get some quotes. The Insurance Agent should just ask for basic info and most of the home details the Agent is able to find online through Zillow or the local County Assessor’s site. The turn around time is usually pretty quick on getting Home quotes back.

When you start getting the quotes emailed to you to review, it is best to look over and compare coverages with each company. Some companies may put better coverage on the quote than others. You can always ask the Insurance Agent you got a quote from to go over and explain the coverages if you have any questions. Always ask to make sure all the discounts you qualify for, are included in the quote. Having an alarm system can help save, that is just one of many things that can get the cost down on your Home Insurance.

Once you have decided what Insurance company you are going with, you can then give that quote to your Lender. From there the Insurance Agent and Lender are in contact and get everything set up to close on time. It should be a very smooth process and allow you to move into your new home on time!

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