Is Power Outage Covered by Home Insurance?
October 12, 2022

Is Power Outage Covered by Home Insurance?

Any person who has a power outage, whether they are a businessperson or a soccer mom, will feel discouraged. This is due to how dependent we have gotten on electricity in modern times, making it nearly hard to go a whole day or even a week without it being on. A power outage has the potential to make us act in the worst ways. Most of the time, a little mental effort may go a long way toward finding an effective remedy.

Numerous factors, ranging from a severe storm to a minor power loss for maintenance, might result in a power outage. One must be ready for any power outages in such circumstances, which may be done in a number of ways. The long-term cheapest option would be to get solar panels, which maintain electricity in the house even when the grid system is disrupted.

This can also be improved by using backup generators that might be easily accessible in the home or neighborhood or, wind energy.

Back up generators may also be employed to make life considerably easier for the residents of the house or workplace in the event of a brown out. When the electricity is still on but not at full strength, a brown out happens. This indicates that while certain electrical devices could be operating, others, like the refrigerator and television, might not.

The majority of homeowner’s insurance policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute, cover losses caused by power outages caused by lightning, windstorms, and other related weather. The most popular homeowner’s insurance in the US, known as Homeowners-3, or HO-3, offers extensive coverage for catastrophes, or “perils,” such costs associated with damage from tornadoes.

The Insurance Information Institute advises discussing the financial limitations of insurance with your agent and ensuring that you are happy with the level of coverage for particular goods that may be harmed by a power outage.

A power outage may quickly make households understand how important electricity is, whether it was caused by lightning, a storm moving, or any other factor. Homeowners may not only be left in the dark by the outage, but TVs, computers, and other electrical devices may also be damaged.

Lightning is responsible for around one-third of all power disruptions. According to data collected by the National Lightning Safety Institute, lightning-related insurance claims account for 3 to 4 percent of all claims. According to the Insurance Information Institute, lightning caused approximately $800 million in insured damages for homes in 2009, with the average claim amounting to $4,296.

What Power Outages Does Insurance Cover?


However, house insurance often covers power outages brought by by lightning or other weather phenomena. Your home insurance policies will go into further detail on the precise coverage for power outages. However, homeowners’ insurance often does not provide coverage for broad or general power outages.

Let’s say that flooding, a DIY project gone awry, or a utility company switching off the power owing to unpaid payments causes your electricity to go out. Your insurance may not cover any losses or damages in that situation. A good homeowners’ insurance policy will cover power outages caused by storms, tornadoes, lightning strikes, falling trees that damage power lines, and lightning strikes.

What Power Outages Losses Does Insurance Cover?


Long-term power outages can result in a wide range of unforeseen expenses. Power outages may destroy electronics and spoil food in refrigerators, which is a major inconvenience. Most house insurance plans don’t cover food that has gone bad. However, if the utility company was to blame for the outage, your utility company could pay you back or your insurance company might reimburse you.

The amount that insurance companies pay to cover for food that spoils as a result of a power outage is likewise capped. Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle to file an insurance claim for ruined food. Making an insurance claim might result in higher rates if your damages from damaged food are not substantial.

Your insurance provider could pay the damages if a power outage ruins your devices. Additionally, your homeowner’s insurance will normally cover any repairs required if a lightning strike or storm damage resulted in a power outage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Spoiled Food from a Power Outage?


You could only have a small amount of coverage for damaged food when a power outage is brought on by a covered risk. Therefore, if a tree on your property downs your electricity lines, you could get reimbursed for the perishable things in your refrigerator. This isn’t true in other circumstances, including power outages caused on by:

·       Rolling brownouts that are planned.

·       Service termination due to nonpayment.

·       An electrical grid failure.

·       Earthquakes, floods, and regular wear and tear are excluded events.

·       Faulty or improperly fitted equipment

Most insurance companies only provide a certain amount of coverage for spoilt items; this amount is often approximately $500, plus you might have to pay a deductible. On the other side, by getting in touch with your electricity provider, you might be able to receive reimbursement for your spoiled food.

Does my home insurance cover frozen pipes if I have power outage?


Even though we’re focusing on the summer, power outages can also be caused by extremely cold temperatures. It’s not unusual for your pipes to freeze when that occurs. This can cause your pipes to explode.

The subsequent water damage is frequently covered by house insurance in many cases. However, if your pipes were in bad shape due to wear and tear or insufficient maintenance, your claim can be denied.

Knowing what your insurance covers and having good insurance is only the first step in securing your property. Making sure you’re prepared for the worst-case situation, including putting your house in order in case of a power outage, comes next.

Does Insurance Cover Hotel Expenses During a Blackout?


In most cases, an insurance provider won’t pay for a hotel stay because of a power outage. If, however, lightning, fire, or storm damage renders your house uninhabitable, your insurance company could cover the cost of your hotel stay. If staying at home during repairs is risky, your insurance may pay for hotel costs.

Can You Submit An Insurance Claim For A Power Outage?


You might be able to make an insurance claim if your power company is to blame for the power loss. Your house insurance coverage would most likely not cover a power outage if you were the cause of the blackout. It could be time for a new policy if you are concerned about your house insurance’s protection during a power outage.



In addition to being uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous, losing electricity at home may be quite expensive. Thankfully, a few of items are most likely protected by your homes insurance.

According to research on power outages shows that the majority of instances are caused by faulty equipment that breaks down in challenging conditions. Such interruptions may be prevented because they are not the result of supernatural events but rather human carelessness. With the right preventative maintenance, a regular routine for periodic maintenance, exercise, and monitoring, any issues may be identified and fixed before storms occur.

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