Can My Teen Get Car Insurance Discounts
June 22, 2022

Can My Teen Get Car Insurance Discounts

When it comes to the cost of teen vehicle insurance, teen drivers face some unique challenges. Many of the factors used by auto insurance companies to determine insurance premiums are familiar to drivers, such as the vehicle, the driver’s driving record, and the distance traveled. Teen car insurance is costly because they are inexperienced drivers who, as a group, are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, putting the insurance company at risk.

You may normally keep a teen on your insurance coverage as long as you own the automobile. When you don’t own the vehicle, it’s more difficult to get coverage for them.

Insurance premiums frequently fall when a person becomes older and has more driving experience. In the meantime, parents who have a policy that covers their teens can save money on their insurance by following conventional procedures. Some carriers provide discounts to students who get great grades, which might save you money.

Enrolling a teen driver in a defensive driving course may frequently lower their insurance premiums. These seminars are not available in all areas as a method to reduce insurance rates, and not all insurance companies provide reductions if you attend one.

The process of obtaining auto insurance is a part of everyone’s driving experience, even teens. Consider utilizing the following techniques to find inexpensive teen driver insurance.

Tips To Lower Your Teen Insurance Premiums

If your teen will be driving soon, we’d like to share some insurance-saving strategies with you.

Undergo A Teen Driving Program

Learning to drive does not happen overnight. It might take days or weeks to master that ability. Your teens may understand the fundamentals, but getting comprehensive coaching from a professional is preferable. Yes, you may train them, but everything will be thoroughly presented in a driving school. Every aspect of a car’s operation, the actions to take before and after driving, and the rules to obey on the road are all covered. Driver education and training consist of a 6-hour lecture that lasts months. This is to improve their ability to drive on public roadways.

This training is required in certain states for teens. Submitting proof of completion of the course to your insurance provider results in a rate reduction. Some insurance companies provide a 10% discount. They prefer teens to complete a driving program since it is safer for a teen to drive with sufficient instruction. Driving safely means less danger and fewer accidents.

Add Your Teen’s Insurance to Your Policy

If you decide to get your teen a new automobile, you’ll want to know if he’ll have to obtain his own insurance coverage. NO is the answer. Having an excellent credit score has no bearing on your teen’s insurance cost. Your kid is also not of legal age to sign the contract on his or her own. As his legal guardian, you must still sign the contract.

It’s good to know that purchasing a new car for your teen and adding it to your policy qualifies you for a multi-vehicle discount. On the other hand, you don’t have to buy a new automobile for your teen to qualify for the discount. As long as the teen is not yet licensed, you can add him to your insurance coverage and not be charged. Simply notify your insurer that your teen will be added to your coverage.

Enroll In Defensive Driving 

Most teen drivers are involved in car accidents as a result of their inexperience and carelessness. Yes, enrolling teens in defensive driving is a wonderful idea, it allows them to participate in defense driving. This extra instruction will educate your teens on how to drive safely and how to behave properly behind the wheel by enhancing decision-making.

Some states do not provide defensive driving insurance discounts, while others do. Check with your insurance company to see whether they provide this service. This discount is not applicable if you attend this training to waive a violation. You must also keep your defensive driving knowledge up to date to maintain your discount. To maintain ongoing savings, some insurers demand that you retake the course every two years.

Teens Bound To College Get Discounts

College students who only have access to a car during holidays and breaks would most likely qualify for a discount. Some insurance firms provide a discount to college-bound teenagers. It is known as the “distant student discount” or “student away discount”. Some require students to be 100 miles or more away from home. They must be full-time students who will not have access to anyone’s vehicle while at school.

Some insurers allow parents to withdraw their teen drivers from their insurance policy entirely, referring to them as “deferred drivers.” While your teen is away, you can save a lot of money, but remember to insure him when he returns for vacation. He’ll be driving his own or one of your vehicles, so it’s critical for his safety.

Teens Should Be Assigned As Your Primary Or Backup Driver.

Adding your teen to your insurance coverage should be simple for you. Incorporating them would make or break your policy. Assigning your teen as the primary driver is one strategy to lower the rising cost of your insurance. You must then inquire with your agent about the possibility. If they agree, it is less expensive. It may also be permitted if you have three or more automobiles.

If you only have two vehicles, your teen may be classified as a secondary driver by your insurance company. Yes, you’re the primary driver, but you can’t be the principal driver of the other vehicle. If you have many cars, you can be the primary driver for the majority of your vehicles. Remember to assign an older vehicle to keep your insurance premiums low.

Students With Good Grades Earn Discount

Your teen’s outstanding grades will get you a discount on your insurance policy. If he is on the dean’s list, an honor student, or has a B average, you can get a reduction on your vehicle insurance of nearly 15%. Because of the teens’ lack of driving experience, higher rates are charged. However, if you get high grades in school, you may be eligible for a discount. This is because pupils who excel academically are more responsible.

Students that are responsible in school are often responsible drivers. Teens must understand that to preserve their discount, they must drive safely. Accidents and traffic infractions may result in a premium rise. The majority of young drivers are extremely dangerous, with boys accounting for a larger percentage than girls.

Older Cars Are Cheaper To Insure

Choosing an older car for your teen is a better option. It is far less expensive to insure than new and pricey automobiles. It’s easier to fix, and the cost isn’t prohibitive, so it’s simple to replace. Such is why, if you are seeking low-cost insurance, insurers like to recommend that sort of automobile for your teenagers. New automobiles are expensive to fix and frequently attract thieves, resulting in high insurance prices.

It must, however, be safe to drive and not endanger the driver’s life. If this occurs, your insurance premium will increase again. You must choose an older car with safety measures that do not compromise the quality you desire. Also, speak with your insurance about the best automobile to cover at a reasonable price. They are familiar with the brands and models that may be insured for a lesser cost.

Good Driving Record

If your child maintains safe driving behaviors after receiving his driver’s license, the cost of his insurance will reduce as he becomes older. That he has a spotless record, with no or few violations. Insurance companies encourage safe drivers with lower premiums.

Maintaining a clean driving record is a huge accomplishment for teen drivers since they are more prone to accidents and fines. So much for the advantages of obtaining a driver’s license. Their driving abilities will improve as they gain a better awareness of proper driving methods and gain more driving practice. As a consequence, they will be a better driver, and they may be eligible for discounts as a result.

Install Telematics

Teen driving is associated with an increased risk of accidents on the road. The causes for this include inexperience, recklessness, and a sense of adventure, all of which lead to unmanageable dangers. These catastrophes set records, prompting the creation of teen driving norms and regulations. Isn’t it, however, unfair to compare your teen’s safe driving habits and records to those of others who are reckless? As a result of this belief, your insurance rate rises.

Telematics is an effective instrument for monitoring driving abilities and records. It’s a box around the size of a smartphone with capabilities like GPS and data-recording processing processors. The information comprises travel distance and speed, the number of trips made in a day and their duration, and the smoothness of the driving. It is then sent via satellite to a server. Each client’s data is uploaded to an online page where they may view their driving performance.


Auto insurance may be expensive, especially if you have a teen driver on the policy. Finding affordable vehicle insurance for teens might be challenging if you don’t know how to properly search for the right ones. Auto insurance companies consider teens to be a risk, and as a result, they are frequently charged higher premiums. Companies try to account for the fact that those aged 18 to 24 are more likely to be involved in an accident than those older. While adding a teen to a car insurance policy might cause rates to increase, the discounts described above can help keep teens’ insurance costs in check.

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