Beyond The Basics – How Beneficial Is A “Smart” Home Security System?
November 29, 2019

Beyond The Basics – How Beneficial Is A “Smart” Home Security System?

Smart homeKeeping your home safe in the age of technology has never been easier or more fun. What do we mean by that? Read on to find out how installing a smart home security system can not only protect your home but help organize your life, have fun doing it and save you some money.

Today we’re talking about home security in Claremore, Oklahoma and throughout the nation using the latest in smart-phone technology to monitor and control your house 24/7 from your phone. This isn’t science-fiction, it’s now a reality and pretty affordable too. Here are all the
benefits you can expect from upgrading your home security.

#1. Scare Potential Burglars Away

Having and advertising your home security system complete with camera footage and smart-home features will scare away people that mean to do you harm by breaking into your home and stealing your stuff. If anyone is still foolish enough to break-in, the security system will
alert you and police immediately, and camera footage will help capture the thieves.

#2. Keep Tabs On Your Home, Pets, and Family

Your smart home security system can be part of an overall package that lets you manage and monitor your home from where ever you are. You can lock doors, regulate the temperature and keep tabs on who is coming in and out with custom keypad codes for door locks.

#3. Accidentally Capture Some Of Life’s Biggest Moments

Camera footage meant to detour burglars can also surprisingly, and sometimes hilariously, capture some great life moments. See funny things your pets do, or accidentally capture a baby’s first steps. You’ll have fun going over the footage with family and friends for years to come.
Some systems even have integrated sharing features for clips you just can’t keep to yourself.

#4. Save Some Money On Home Insurance

Having a great security system can lower your monthly home insurance premium that can save you big bucks over time. Security cam footage can also help you catalog what’s been taken and help police recover stolen goods or help your insurance company compensate you appropriately when needed.

If you’ve recently bought a new home or are looking to add security for peace of mind then consider upgrading to a smart-home based security system so you can rest easy.

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