Avoid Distracted Driving And Lower Your Auto Insurance in Tulsa,OK
April 8, 2019

Avoid Distracted Driving And Lower Your Auto Insurance in Tulsa,OK

Phone while drivingDistracted driving is on the rise and causing accidents, injuries and even death on the roads. Minimizing accident claims is one way to ensure that you get the lowest auto insurance rates available. Here are some facts and statistics on distracted driving that can help you lower your risk of causing accidents and might be just the information you need to save lives, including your own. Read on to find out how distracted driving can influence your insurance rates in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We live in the age of multitasking and technology. The invention and widespread use of cell phones has made us communication junkies that are constantly checking for text messages, status updates and emails. While many people will be reading this and thinking, “I drive just fine while using my cell phone,” statistics say otherwise. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and US Department of Transportation released harrowing statistics that in just one recent year distracted driving caused over 400,000 accidents and at least 3,400 fatalities.

5 Types Of Distracted Driving Not Related To Cell Phone Use

Although talking on a cell phone probably pops into your mind first when thinking about distracted driving, it isn’t the only type of distracted driving you should be avoiding. Here are several forms of distracted driving everyone is probably guilty of at one time or another.

  1. Eating and drinking (best to keep both hands on the wheel to prevent accidents)
  2. Reading (including look at maps or directions)
  3. Grooming (hard to believe but many people shave or apply makeup while driving)
  4. Talking To Passengers
  5. Adjusting Music Stations or Volume

Number One Cause of Distracted Driving: Cell Phone Use

The number of people using their phones while driving is hard to verify but considering the amount of accidents it causes it is safe to say it’s pretty prevalent. Talking on the phone, even using hands free speaker phone mode, pulls your focus from the road and delays reaction time. Even worse is taking your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel to read and answer text messages, read or send emails, watch videos or even post to social media. Have you seen people post videos of them talking while they are driving their car? You can’t drive safely and shoot a vlog at the same time. It’s best to keep your mind on the very important and dangerous task at hand, driving your automobile.

Contact your local Tulsa auto insurance agent to find out if your distracted driving has cost you money in rates or access to insurance. Safe drivers can be eligible for discounted premiums.

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