Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers
November 9, 2018

Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

Teen girl driver accepting car keysAdding a newly licensed driver to your policy can sometimes be scary not knowing how much the price is going to increase. Or just be being nervous for the driver since they have very little driving experience can also be worrying. Some things you may want to do if you are in this situation, would be first calling your agent before your child gets a learners permit to see what kind of premium increase you are looking at. A good thing to remember is the older your child gets the more the insurance rates will drop.

There are many ways even your child can help get the rates lowered. 

  • First one being the “Good Student Discount.” This is a big savings. This discount requires that the driver maintains at least a “B” average in school and the insurance company will usually ask for the most recent transcript from your school.
  • Taking a drivers training course is also another way to save when adding a young driver. Most schools offer this to students and it is something you want your child to complete to help lower the cost of the insurance.
  • Last thing I want to mention is if you have a college student that is at least 100 miles away from home at school and they do not have their vehicle with them, then they qualify for a discount as well.

There are many ways to help lower costs when adding a teenage driver, so it is good to know what options you have out there. Call us at  (918) 665-7400 to get a Oklahoma City auto insurance quote.

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