Auto Insurance: Do I need Medical Coverage on my policy?
March 12, 2024

Auto Insurance: Do I need Medical Coverage on my policy?

Medical Coverage is an additional coverage option for auto insurance policies in most states. In the event of a car accident, this coverage can help pay for medical expenses for you or your passengers, even if you’re at fault. Medical Coverage is often very inexpensive. The standard coverage amount most people do is $5,000, but most companies go up to $25,000. For only an extra $5-$10 a month, it is a great add on to your policy to have extra protection in the event that you need it. Below are some examples when medical payments coverage will help pay for medical or funeral expenses caused by an auto accident:

  • *You’re hurt when you accidentally hit another car while driving through a parking lot
  • *Your spouse is injured when hit by a car while walking across the street
  • *Your child is hurt in an accident while a passenger in a friend’s car
  • *One of your passengers complains of pain after the car you’re driving is rear-ended by another vehicle
As always, we are happy to discuss more details and see if Medical Coverage is something you should add to your policy. An extra $5 a month is a low price for peace of mind and knowing you will have coverage in the event of an accident where Medical Coverage is provided. 

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