Are Tire Blowouts Covered Under My Auto Insurance Policy?
March 23, 2020

Are Tire Blowouts Covered Under My Auto Insurance Policy?

tire blowoutIt doesn’t have to be a dramatic pop, but anytime your tire goes completely flat while driving is considered a “tire blowout.” If it happens at high speeds it can be quite dangerous and hard to control the car. Pullover immediately to a safe place. Some times you can put a spare tire on until you get to a repair shop, other times you might have to call for a tow truck. The repairs might have you wondering if all this is covered under your auto insurance or not. The answer isn’t a simple yes or no, it depends on how the tire was damaged and what type of insurance coverage you carry.

Tire Blowouts That Are Not Covered By Insurance

The most common reason for a flat tire is poor maintenance. Many people don’t think about changing or replacing their tires until it’s too late or they avoid tire maintenance because of the cost. Unfortunately, a tire blowout could be even more costly if the wheel is damaged or if you cause an accident. If your flat or blowout is caused by old tires then insurance will not cover this cost.

If you drive over a sharp object and the tire later becomes flat, this type of damage is also not usually covered by insurance. Sometimes a hole in the tire due to a sharp object can be patched and wouldn’t be worth making a claim for anyway.

Tire Blowouts That Might Be Covered By The Right Type Of Insurance

Limited liability coverage will never cover costs having to do with your own vehicle. If you want coverage for your personal car then you’ll need collision and/or full coverage. With extra insurance, some tire blowouts might be covered. Such as:

● If your tires are slashed due to vandalism, then comprehensive auto insurance might help cover the cost of repairs.

● If you hit something, like a guardrail, with your tire and it goes flat then collision insurance might help cover the cost of repair.

● If your car is stolen and when it is recovered the tires are flat, then comprehensive auto insurance might help cover the cost of repairs.

If you aren’t sure if your tire blowout is covered or not, contact your Claremore auto insurance broker for more details. If you’ve had a costly repair that you paid for out of pocket and want to see how you can get coverage in the future, again contact your broker to select the best plan for you. You want to balance low premiums with proper coverage in order to avoid risk when it comes to car insurance. Paying the lowest premiums might not benefit you if you have very high deductibles or are leaving your own assets unprotected. Your agent will help you decide, based on your personal driving needs, what the best options are.

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