What Is The Penalty For Not Having Car Insurance In Oklahoma?
July 7, 2020

What Is The Penalty For Not Having Car Insurance In Oklahoma?

a person sitting in a carIf you’re a resident of Claremore, Tulsa, or anywhere else within the state of Oklahoma and you’re thinking about forgoing car insurance, think again. Oklahoma, as well as almost all of the 50 states, requires at least minimum liability coverage in order to drive legally. Not having insurance can land you in a lot of trouble. You could face fines of up to $250, spend up to 30 days in prison, or lose your ability to drive. You’ll need to show proof of insurance any time you get pulled over, or you’ve been in an accident, and to obtain or renew your driver’s license.

Explaining Minimum Liability Coverage Requirements For Oklahoma

The minimum liability law was put into place to protect both you and other drivers. While it only pays for injuries and damage for others, it protects you legally. If you cause an accident then the other party can collect damages from your insurance company. Here are the minimums for the state of Oklahoma:

● $25,000 for bodily injury per person

● $50,000 for bodily injury per accident

● $25,000 for property damage per accident

You might also see this written as 25/50/25 liability insurance. Keep in mind, if you used a loan to finance your car then they will have additional insurance requirements, typically full coverage which includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

Is Minimum Liability Auto Insurance Enough?

While Oklahoma’s minimum coverage is about average across the US, it might not be enough to cover a serious accident with bad injuries or expensive vehicles. Once your insurance is exhausted, a claimant could come after you personally for the rest of the money they are owed. Also, keep in mind, liability coverage gives you no financial protection for your own car or for your own injuries.

You can mitigate your risk for taking out more than that state-required minimum liability insurance and getting full coverage for yourself.

Driving Legally In Oklahoma

Before you get behind the wheel of a car in Oklahoma, make sure that your insurance is up to date. If you miss payments your insurance could lapse and that’s the same as driving without a policy. Law enforcement will typically find out you don’t have insurance after they pull you over for some kind of ticket and by then it’s too late for you to get covered. Driving without insurance could make it difficult for you to get affordable auto insurance at all after the fact. If you cause an accident and don’t have insurance than your troubles are just beginning.

Oklahoma is an “at fault” state which means they assign blame for every accident which will dictate whose insurance will have to pay. A claim will be filed, and if you don’t have insurance they can file a personal injury lawsuit against you. Getting car insurance and keeping it up to date is the best way to protect your own assets and prevent yourself from getting into legal trouble.

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