Amazing Auto Insurance Discounts You Need To Ask For
January 27, 2020

Amazing Auto Insurance Discounts You Need To Ask For

Car and moneyMost insurance companies work off a standard statistical model of risk and reward, so why don’t they all charge the same monthly premiums? The answer is in the amount of coverage they provide and the way they bundle their discounts. Depending on what they want to achieve and what market demographic they seek to serve, car insurance companies will have different discounts available and they will give a different weight of importance to each one. In order to find the best discounts that apply to your personal situation, you’ll have to shop around.

The first set of discounts has to do with your driving history. In some states, there are even requirements that auto insurance companies offer specific discounts that are designed to encourage and reward safe driving. These discounts are for “good” or safe drivers who are accident-free. You can also get a discount for being a low-mileage driver. People that drive less are less likely to get into an accident.

The next set of discounts are for driver affiliations or specific demographics. Some of the best discounts come from professional affiliation such as military discounts or working in a specific profession. Demographic discounts include; good student, homeowner, or seniors. Statistics show that these drivers are less likely to get into an accident and those potential savings are passed on to you if you sign up.

Having defensive driver training, or installing safety measures on your car like an anti-theft device can also bring discounts. Other vehicle related discounts could include things like a hybrid or electric car, a new car, safety restraint features, and anti-lock breaks.

Finally, you can be rewarded for your payment method and customer loyalty. Insurance companies love to cut down on admin work so agreeing to auto-pay, paperless billing and paying for a year in advance, can all earn you great discounts. Customer loyalty is rewarded if you have multiple cars insured with the same company or bundle other types of insurance such as homeowners. Insurance companies know the value of keeping their customers for life and they know that you are likely to refer your other family members to them when it’s time for your children to get their own insurance, for example.

In order to get the best discounts you simply have to ask. Don’t be afraid to shop around for you because the discounts could vary by company. Your insurance broker can help you look at several plans and pick the best deal.

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