Safe Car And Driver Tips For Summer Road Trips
June 19, 2019

Safe Car And Driver Tips For Summer Road Trips

Filling tire pressureThe most affordable family summer vacation is still the classic American road trip. What better way to spend time together, travel and actually get to see the land as you make your way to your destination? After you pick a family friendly location and plan your route, make sure to follow up with these car-friendly tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

#1. Get your car a check up or tune up before you travel a long distance. This will include checking the air pressure in the tires, topping off fluids, changing the oil and replacing filters. All of this preventative maintenance will help lower your risk of breakdowns that could be a real bummer for your vacation.

#2. Clean the car before and during your trip. Before packing your car, make sure to clean it out from top to bottom. Remove trash and other belongings, vacuum and wipe down all the surfaces. Don’t forget to clean out the trunk so you have plenty of room for luggage. While on the road, make sure to purge the trash at least once a day and wipe surfaces every few days. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the road and don’t want to be crowded by trash.

#3. Always be prepared. Think ahead to any road emergencies you might have and stock up on a few emergency items. You’ll need jumper cables and a spare tire for sure. Emergency signs or flares, blankets and a first aid kit are also great precautions to have with you on the road. 

#4. Have all your documents. Make sure that you have your license and insurance with you for the trip and that both are active and the cards are not expired. If you’re going a very long distance call your Tulsa insurance agency to see if any add-ons are available to your coverage that you might need like towing insurance if you don’t already have it.

#5. Invest in roadside assistance services. Especially if you do a lot of driving, you might want to consider a broad roadside assistance program that is nationwide like AAA. They can help you with directions, lockouts, flat tires and more and are just a phone call away. When you’re about to embark on a road trip with your family it’s best to have peace of mind and know that you are totally covered in the event of accidents or car trouble. Having a plan in place can help you have a stress free trip this summer.

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