Prep Your Home For An Oklahoma Winter
November 13, 2019

Prep Your Home For An Oklahoma Winter

Winter homeIt can get quite cold during an Oklahoma winter with temperatures below freezing and plenty of snow. Here are a few tips that will help protect your home and lower your heating bills during the coldest months of the year in Claremore.

Seal Attic Leaks And Add Insulation

Up to 30% of the heating and cooling in a home is lost because of air leaks and a lot of that goes out of the attic. Look for gaps and use caulking where needed. For larger cracks, you can use pressurized expanding foam. Insulation keeps the warm air inside so make sure you have enough or that old insulation gets replaced now and then.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

It’s estimated that using a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 a year on energy costs. You can automatically lower the temperature when you’re going to be away and have it raise again around the time you return home. It also helps keep the temperature inside your home consistent. The best news is, they are pretty cheap to buy and install, starting at around $50.

Trim Tree Branches

Ice and snow will weigh down branches that can break, fall and damage your home or property. Tree branches can also knock out powerlines leaving you with no lights and no heat for hours at a time.

Replace Furnace Filters

Don’t forget to replace your furnace filters and make sure the furnace and heating ducts are clean and in working order. You’ll want to do this in the fall, before the winter weather strikes! 

Wash Blankets That Have Been Kept In Storage

If your home is like most, you probably have a pile of winter blankets in storage in your basement or spare room. Get them out and wash them before the temperatures drop so they’ll be ready to go. Dressing warm and using blankets can keep you from over-using your heat.

Insulate Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can burst and also they cool down hot water, to avoid this insulate the pipes between the hot water heater and the wall, and the first three feet of water pipes after they enter the house.

Install Weatherstripping

Check the exterior doors in your home for cold air leaks. An easy way to do this is to stand inside your house and hold a lit candle near the door frame, the candle will blow toward you if there is a draft.

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