How Adult Children Can Celebrate Their Folks on National Parent’s Day
July 27, 2019

How Adult Children Can Celebrate Their Folks on National Parent’s Day

Adult daughter and her momJust because you grow up and move out doesn’t mean that you stop being someone’s baby. To your parents you will always be a child who needs needs their love and support. So on this upcoming national holiday that celebrates parents, there are a lot of little ways you can give back and say thanks to the awesome moms and dads that raised you.

National Parents’ Day, celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July, was unanimously voted in under President Bill Clinton back in 1994. The idea was to support and celebrate the role parents play in developing a strong and stable community by raising happy kids. The role parents play in developing tiny human lives is certainly something to celebrate.

A Simple Phone Call

Do you live out of state? Pick up the phone and make a call for National Parent’s Day. Your mom or dad wants nothing more than to hear your voice and get an update on your life. While living far from home it’s easy to forget to check in on your parents. Stay on the phone with them as long as they want, listen to their stories, take their advice and have a great time. 

Family Dinner

If you live close, why not host a family dinner? A dinner where mom doesn’t have to cook, priceless! Cooking and eating a meal together is a perfect bonding opportunity for you, your parents and your children too. Make lasting memories with traditional family meals several times a year.

Make A Homemade Gift

It started when you were three years old and came home with a hand-made Mother’s Day card. Since that day your parents have craved the little hand-made gifts you brought home from school. Something you made yourself will still delight them to this day. So make your own card, put together a scrapbook or bake a cake just for them. Small DIY gifts are the favorites of parents everywhere.

Take A Nature Walk

Getting out and talking a long slow walk together not only gives you quality bonding time but helps get your parents out of the house and moving. Caring about aging parents also means being concerned for their health. If you notice them slowing down, help out by popping by for a walk a few times a week.

Car Wash, Lawn Care, Other Chores

Your mom and dad spent 18 or more years cleaning up after you, and it’s payback time. Spend a day doing chores and fixing things around the house for them. Doing chores like washing the car, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn or other projects can lift a burden from their shoulders and make you stand out as “kid of the year”, no matter how grown up you’ve become.

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