Does My Roommate Need Renter’s Insurance Too?
January 2, 2019

Does My Roommate Need Renter’s Insurance Too?

Roommates rentingA renters insurance policy will not cover the insured’s roommate, unless they are listed on the policy. This means personal property, liability and loss of use are all excluded for the roommate. It is better to for roommate to get their own policies to avoid any future issues arising. If you did add a roommate to as an additional insured to your policy, their claims will go on your record too. So considering the small price it is for renters insurance, it is safer to have your own policy. 

A lot of renters insurance policies you can get for as little as $12 a month. This is of course depending on the amount of coverage you need and your deductible. But if you are renting your place of residence, it is always wise to have a renters policy and save yourself a lot of money in the case of a loss. Contact us for an Oklahoma renters insurance quote

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